Explain ICE2PCS01 IC working in a real application circuit, How to fix pulse power supply circuit by ICE2PCS01

  1. Description

ICE2PCS01 is a Power Factor Correction ( PFC ) IC , it is used to drive mosfet in a power supply circuit. It has some good electric features below:

Lead Free DIP and DSO Package 

 Wide Input Range 

Optimized for applications which require fast Startup 

 Output Power Controllable by External Sense Resistor 

Programmable Operating Frequency 

Output Over-Voltage Protection 

 Fast Output Dynamic Response during Load Jumps

  1. Pin Configuration and Functionality


Explain ICE2PCS01 IC working in a real application circuit, How to fix pulse power supply circuit by ICE2PCS01

Gnd : this pin is IC Ground

ICOMP:  this pin gives average current Compensation for current sensing

ISENSE: this pin measures current flow through mosfet in power supply circuit 

FREG: By connecting this pin to a resistor to ground, you can control ICE2PCS01 frequency range from 50Khz to 250Khz

GATE: this pin gives output pulse voltage to drive Mosfet

VCC: this pin is ICE2PCS01 input voltage , usually between 11VDC to 25VDC.

VSENSE: This pin works as a voltage feedback pin, output voltage will be down by resistive divider and the voltage will be referenced with 3VDC voltage

VCOMP: this pin gives soft start funtion and gives Voltage Loop Compensation

  1. Explain ICE2PCS01 IC working in a real application circuit

To help you understand basically how ICE2PCS01 work in a power supply circuit we use this diagram upon. It’s a typical application of using ICE2PCS01. 85VAC to 260 VAC input voltage is filtered by EMI noise filter block, then it is converted to DC Voltage by a bridge rectifier , then this DC voltage is flated by a capacitor. The flated DC voltage comes D pin of Mosfet and the S pin of mosfet connects to GND. The G pin of mosfet connects to Gate pin (8th pin) of ICE2PCS01. This gate pin generates output pulse voltage to drive mosfet. To start ICE2PCS01 it is powered by a 11VDC to 25 Vdc voltage (auxiliary supply). By connecting FREG pin of ICE2PCS01 to a resistor to GND, we can control frequency of output pulse to drive mosfet. The mosfet switch on and off at a setting frequency, it creates a current flow through a diode ( output side) then we have output DC output voltage. the DC output voltage is flated by a capacitor and using a resistive divider circuit to down output voltage and connect to VSENSE pin, it measure output voltage to know how stable output voltage. When the mosfet switching on and off at setting frequency, there is Id current flow through mosfet, and current flow through a load, this current is sensed by connecting a resistor to GND and to ISENSE pin of ICE2PCS01. This ISENSE pin is for overcurrent protecting function.

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